Samui [Sum-oo-EE]

 Samui’s mission is to support entrepreneurs in Thailand through the purchasing and selling of handmade, certified fair trade goods.

Samui bags are handmade in rural Thailand using original weaving techniques traditionally employed to create ceremonial clothing. The people who make our bags work under ethical working conditions and earn fair wages. We import products that are made using fair trade manufacturing practices, helping strengthen the market for authentic craftsmanship and handmade goods.

Each bag is made with care, resulting in high quality, unique products that last. Buying Samui bags supports the people who make them.

The Thai government has outlawed slash and burn farming due to environmental and public health issues. As a result, many of the people living in these villages who previously used slash and burn farming now largely rely on the sales of their handmade products as an alternative source of income. Samui bags are made using weaving techniques traditionally employed to create ceremonial clothing. Each bag is unique and made with care.

Koh Samui is a stunning island off the coast of mainland Thailand. Although Koh Samui is one of the biggest islands in the country, the close knit community and love that the people there display inspires us. This island is a symbol for what Samui represents – Togetherness, Equality, Kindness, Adventure, Exploration and Beauty. These bags will bring you a little piece of paradise; come live the Samui dream with us.


Fast fashion uses cheap manufacturing processes that dominate the fashion industry. Unfortunately, poor working conditions, abuse, and under paid wages are much too common in the production of fast fashion clothing lines. Samui fights against this. We help create opportunities for individuals by importing handmade goods created under fair pay and healthy working conditions, resulting in happy workers and products that last.